Understanding Watches: Quartz or Automatic- Which Watch is Perfect for You?

Your watch is not only an instrument of counting time but also an exponent of your zest, style, and personality. A watch with a glamorous design and perfect mechanism could be your style companion. As a fashion enlightened person, you should know about the different mechanism of watches along with their design. Besides, the excellent design makes watch attractive, and perfect mechanism helps it to run smoothly. So, before buying a watch, you should consider both of this. This writing is a complete guide on the difference between quartz and automatic watches. And it will help you to choose the best watch for you. It may be VERMONSKI quartz series. 

The watch industry has many technical terms and words. These are related to design, technology, manufacturing, function and many more. Among them watch movements are significant and valuable for the mechanism of watches. Watch making industry produces several types of watches currently. Similarly, many well-known brands offer quartz and automatic movements’ watch in the market. So, the writing will be subsidiary to you before buying a watch. Let's see the watch movement first and then quartz and automatic movements.

Details of Watch Movement: First, we should know the meaning of movement on the basis of the watch function. Actually, it is the most basic part of knowing the watch function. Watch movement is a mechanism which allows watch to run and tell the time. In the same way, the movement is the set of features that depend on technical attributes. It is the powerhouse of the watch which runs the watch. A movement is the engine of a watch, and there are different types of watch movement in the industry. It relies on the company and their manufacturing strategy. So, watch movement carry all the essential components and timekeeping functions in a watch. Let's check out the quartz and automatic movements of watches.

Quartz Movement: Standard watches depend on quartz movement. It makes up over 97% of watches produced every year. Seiko introduced quartz movement in 1969. That time it was very expensive. Advanced technology had made quartz watches much cheaper now. For this reason, nowadays we can buy affordable quartz watches like VERMONSKI. Besides, a quartz movement watch uses a battery for its energy source and free from winding like an automatic watch. The movement of quartz watches is the most accurate type of movement currently.

Elements of the Quartz Movement:

Battery: This is the power source of the watch in quartz movements. Normally, the battery of a quartz watch will remain up to 24 months before needing to be replaced. It is very urgent to replace the battery after losing its power because the battery can leak acid and damage the watch. But, if you try VERMONSKI quartz watch, it will give you more battery efficient than other.

Integrated Circuit: Various parts of the quartz movement get electrical power from the battery via integrated circuit.

Quartz Crystal: It applies battery power to an integrated circuit in a constant stream.

Stepping motor: The motor of the watch converts electrical impulse into mechanical power.

Dial Train: It functioned smoothly on a quartz watch.

Let's See How Quartz Movements Work: The battery of the watch supplies electricity to the quartz crystal through the integrated circuit. And this supplied electricity makes vibrate at the rate of 32,768 per second in the quartz crystal. It produces electrical pulses and sends to the stepping motor via the integrated circuit. Now, the stepping motor provides an electrical pulse to the dial train of every 32,768th. The dial train produces correct time on the hands.

Automatic Movement: It is a form of mechanical movements. Sometimes it mentioned as "self-winding." This type of movements is facing power through the organic motion of the wearer's wrist. Watches with automatic movement are very popular among the users because they don't need to worry about the winding of the watch. Automatic movement can ensure constant operation of the watch. If the watch will wear regularly, it produces power automatically. 

Elements of Automatic Watch:

Crown: It is the wheel on the side of the watch which is used to reset the time.

Mainspring: Mainspring is the power source of automatic movement.

Gear Train: The power that collects from mainspring transmits to the escapement via a series of small gears.

Escapement: It takes energy from the mainspring through the gear and pushes it equally. It acts as a break.

Balance Wheel: It receives the energy from escapement to run the watch. It can be called the heart of the movement.

Automatic movement has also Dial train, jewels and rotor.

How Automatic Movements Work: In an automatic watch, movement of the wrist turns the rotor, and it winds the mainspring. The mainspring also winds by turning the crown. The energy transferred by the gear train to the escapement. After that, this regulated energy used by the balance wheel to beat back and onward at a constant rate. Every single beat and the dial train transfers the energy transmits the power to the hands of the watch. And the hands produce time. 

Which Watch is perfect for you?

From the above discussion, it is clear that quartz watches are more affordable and accurate in movements. For example, VERMONSKI quartz watches are cheap rich in quality. The Japanese quartz movement is used in this brand. Similarly, Quartz watches are trustworthy. Good quartz watch will run hassle free for a long time while automatic watches may be damaged for power lacking. On the other hand, quartz watches need minimum maintenance. Perfect quartz doesn't need any maintenance except battery replacement. It will show accurate time for a long period. So, if you are looking for a hassle-free watch that gives you little attention, a quartz movement could be the right choice.

We expect you can select the perfect watch after understanding the watch movements. Whether you prefer affordable or luxury, you will find VERMONSKI quartz watch right for you.



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