Three Things You Need To Know Before You Buy a Quality Watch

Buying a watch can be an embarrassing experience today. You may like digital or analog, quartz or automatic, luxury or affordable. However, you should know some primary things before buying a watch. Selecting a watch based on its outlook and movement are general practices. Besides, quality plays a vital role during the selection. So, the wearer should take the decision after realizing some major aspects of a watch. We are going to describe three indispensable things you need to know before buying a quality watch. You will find details about watch glasses, body elements, and other features in this writing.

1. Watch Glass: The term glass represents the protective cover over the front of the clock on the watch. To make sure that your timepiece is protected with quality glass, you have to know about watch glasses. You will need to consider the material of the glass and the process of manufacturing. And the strongest protection depends on the elements that used to the crystal. Common materials of watch crystal are mineral and sapphire. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages. Let's see the details of each material and take the right decision before buying a quality watch.

Mineral Glass: This is the most general type of glass that used in a designer watch. The glass is manufactured by chemical or heat which permits it to be more scratch resistant. In the case of too much scratch, you have to change the glass. Mineral glasses are stronger than plastic but not as strong as sapphire. There are some disadvantages to this type of watch crystal. These are too much rare, but you have to aware of these difficulties. All over things, if you will see cheap glass on your watch dial, then you can pick mineral crystal. On the other hand, if you like to get a premium crystal then consider sapphire glass.

Sapphire Glass: Sapphire is normally used in premium quality watches. Luxury watches have this quality material to cover them with the strongest crystal. Synthetic sapphire is produced with crystallized aluminum oxide. Natural sapphire has no color effect. It is completely natural. The sapphire glass is very hard. It rates 9 around the Moh Scale (the measure of the relative hardness of materials). And it is just below the diamond which scored 10 in the scale. Of all glass, the sapphire crystal has no disadvantages. The crystal is long lasting and remaining scratch free for a long time. And it has the ability to protect your watch from heat and pressure. Sapphire is very practical in its use. 

What is the Best Choice: Form the above discussion it is clear that sapphire is more durable and stronger than mineral. There is no chance to be scratched on the crystal. So, the most recommended watch crystal is the sapphire. The cost of sapphire is high, and you can say it is expensive crystal. But a luxury watch should have a sapphire crystal. We know you are searching for luxury watches, and VERMONSKI is a product which has sapphire glass. So, the first thing is clear now. Now you have a choice for a luxury watch. Let's see the next thing.

2. Quality Stainless Steel in Watches: As a consumer, it is very hard to determine the quality of the stainless steel offered by the watch brand. You may feel puzzled, is it stainless steel or not? And there are different grades of stainless steel in the industry. And they have various quality and longevity. For this reason, it is important to find the correct steel when you are in the shop for a high-quality stainless steel watch.

Stainless Steel Grades: Manufacturers are using different grades of stainless steel to produce watches. And these grades have their own structure of the material. Some grades are high in quality and others are contemporary.

Similarly, stainless steel is the strongest material that ever used for watches. All VERMONSKI timepieces are manufactured in 316L stainless steel, the equivalent steel used to make surgical that is ultra resistant and free from oxidizers. 316L steel is a grade of steel, used to produce surgical and diving elements, that has extra-low carbon quantity and is completely resistant. This grade of stainless steel is also magnetic resistant, unlike the normal-use steel grade of 201 or 304. In the same time, the corrosion resistance of austenitic stainless steels, such as 316L, used by Rolex, is very similar for all practical purposes in a VERMONSKI Watch. When you wear the watch of a 316L stainless steel, you can feel the difference. We have chosen 316L as the choice of material because we want to offer affordable timekeeper without compromising quality.

3. Take the Best Watch Strap: Picking a watch strap for everyday use can be tricky when you are going to buy a new watch. There are numerous watch straps in the market, and they are also different in quality. So, quality watches should have best straps. The wearer should concentrate on the appearance, color, and durability of the strap. Sometimes, user likes to choose straps for occasional use. And the most important time for considering about a strap, is before buying a new quality watch.

You can go for a leather strap. Firstly, the leather strap is comfortable and user-friendly because of its material. Secondly, the leather strap is perfect for occasional uses. You can wear a watch of leather strap on any occasion, and it will show your aristocratic choice. You can also grab the favorite and comfortable one for your wrist style. There are animal leather and Italian leather. Italian leather straps can be a smart selection while buying a new watch. It has an outstanding outlook, and it is perfect with any dress.

We hope from the above discussion you have learned three important things that you need to know before buying a quality watch. Now, you can consider VERMONSKI luxury watch which has all three qualities. Features at a glance:

Diameter 42mm, thickness 9.5mm, water resistance 50 Meters 5ATM, sapphire coated crystal with anti-scratch surface finish, High-grade stainless steel 316L.

Italian leather crocodile straps, dial has sunray effect.

Also some of watches are just polished; others are combination of polished and brushed. Day and date functions are available.

Movement: Japan Quartz: Miyota 6P25.

Buckle: The brand has stainless steel pin buckle.

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